Digit robot
Credit: Agility Robotics

Robot maker Agility Robotics, a side project made by specialists from Oregon State University, has announced that parties interested in buying one of it is Digit robots would now be able to do as such. The human-like robot has been designed to perform manual labor, for example, removing boxes from racks and loading them onto a truck. The robot can be purchased straightforwardly from Agility for $250,000.

The majority of the robots that have been built in recent years are for research purposes. Researchers everywhere in the world are striving to give them more and better capabilities. On their site page, the team at Agility guarantees that it’s the ideal opportunity for robots to begin getting out of the research lab and into the real world where they can begin doing helpful things. They note that Digit has been designed to do just that, and it’s ready right now, for clients.

Digit is enigmatically human-shaped. It has 2 arms & 2 legs and can walk around. It is toeless feet are flat and it is knees bend backward compared to humans. Additionally, it has no head or hands. But it does have strength and durability, and a computer that permits it to carry out tasks autonomously and without a tether. Digit looks the part of a robot ready to perform laborious tasks. It is edge is thick metal and it moves like a human who does manual labor. It can bend over and pick up a box, carry it to the desired destination (including climbing stairs if need be), and leave it there, more than once.

The team at Agility notes that current events make Digit ideal for businesses looking to replace human laborers with robot laborers. Human labor in the U.S. and other parts of the world, they note, is in short supply due to a variety of factors, not least of which is the current COVID-19 pandemic. They also note that Digit has been engineered to work in the real world; users do not need to alter the work environment to suit its needs; it can work anywhere human beings are already working. The team at Agility also note that they aim to be in the robot-making and selling business long-term. They just recently received an infusion of $20 million in funding from a variety of investors. They also recently struck a deal with Ford Motor Company for robots that can be used to load and unload boxes from self-driving vehicles.