If you own a car, you may have found yourself more than once or twice stumped as to what’s wrong with it. You hear a strange sound coming from the engine, but you can’t see anything that could be the issue. 

As of last Wednesday, The Czech automaker ŠKODA has released an AI-based app that can tell you exactly what’s going on with one of it is cars merely by listening to it. 

The ‘Sound Analyser‘ app records the car noises and compares it with pre-recorded sound patterns of ‘healthy’ ŠKODAs.

How Does It Work?

Now, the way “Sound Analyser” works, is pretty straight-forward. When a driver or a mechanic initiates the app, it records the sound of the defective car. Then, it uses the AI algorithm to compare this recorded sound with many of the pre-recorded sounds of healthy cars. So, if there is an anomaly in the sound pattern of the defective car, the app can detect the internal issue and suggest a relevant fix for the same.

Car mechanics’ lives have just become easier thanks to the Sound Analyser. In fact, since June 2019 already 245 ŠKODA dealers in 14 countries including Germany, Russia, France, and Austria are trying out the app in real life as part of the pilot project.

Speaking about the new app, Stanislav Pekař, the chief of After Sales at Skoda stated, “Sound Analyser [app] is a prime example of the new opportunities digitalization at ŠKODA can create, even in terms of after-sales. We will continue to consistently use artificial intelligence technologies to offer our customers an even more personalized service, thus enhancing the customer experience even further.”

s it stands, the current software is able to analyze 10 patterns with an accuracy of up to 90%, per the automaker. Some of these patterns include the steering system, the air conditioning compressor, and the clutches in the direct-shift gearbox, per ŠKODA. The app is set to be able to recognize more than 10 patterns.