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Use AI To Convert Ancient Maps Into Satellite-Like Images

Engineers use AI to convert ancient-times maps into a satellite-like images

Ancient-times maps give us a slight glimpse of how landscapes looked like hundreds of years ago. But what would we see if...

Scientists use AI language tools to decode molecular movements

By applying natural language processing tools to the movements of protein molecules, the University of Maryland researchers developed an abstract language that...

Biochip discovery combines AI and nano-particle printing for cancer cell study

Biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, and computer scientists at the University of California, Irvine have developed a new Biochip that can help study...

Scientists developed AI for early prediction of COVID-19 from standard blood tests

A team of scientists has developed AI that -- accurately predicts COVID-19 infection from standard blood tests. The AI solution has the...

VibroSense: AI-based device tracks home appliances through vibration

Cornell University Scientists have developed a single device that can track seventeen types of appliances using vibrations. To boost efficiency in typical...