Tag: Biotech

Biological Language

AI Could Crack The Biological Language of Cancer and Alzheimer’s

Scientists have found, powerful algorithms used by Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix can 'predict' the biological language of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like...
3D-printed organs

High-speed 3D Printing Technique Takes Us One Step Closer to 3D-Printed Organs

3D printing technologies have evolved at an unbelievable speed bringing about everything from 3D printed meat, to 3D printed houses. It looks similar...

Researchers Successfully Store ‘Data’ Inside DNA of Living Bacteria

DNA has been the major information storage medium for biology and holds great promise as the next-generation high-density data medium in the...
3D eye socket surgery

Israel performs the world’s first augmented reality, 3D eye socket surgery

A team of Israeli doctors at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Israel, have successfully performed the first-ever eye socket fracture repair...
Electronic skin

Scientists develop an ‘electronic skin’ that can mimic the natural functions of human skin

A material that mimics human skin in? stretchability, strength, and sensitivity could be used to collect biological data in real-time. Electronic skin,...