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Nanomaterial-based biosensing platform that detects COVID-19 antibodies in 10 to 12 seconds

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University report findings on an advanced nanomaterial-based biosensing platform that detects, within seconds, antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2, the...

USA records a new high of over 200K COVID-19 cases in 24 hrs

The USA on Tuesday far surpassed its past daily record of new COVID-19 cases, adding 201,961 cases in 24 hrs, according to...
MIT coronavirus Mask

MIT Scientists developed a face mask to kill coronavirus with heat

Face masks have been shown to be effective at filtering out viruses, for example, the COVID-19 virus, thereby reducing the risk of...

Scientists developed AI for early prediction of COVID-19 from standard blood tests

A team of scientists has developed AI that -- accurately predicts COVID-19 infection from standard blood tests. The AI solution has the...

COVID-19 gives a unique opportunity for atmospheric chemists

As the COVID-19 pandemic eased travel and business around the globe, pollution emission rates dropped accordingly. With fewer vehicles out and about...