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Biological Language

AI Could Crack The Biological Language of Cancer and Alzheimer’s

Scientists have found, powerful algorithms used by Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix can 'predict' the biological language of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like...

Defects in mitochondria may clarify many health issues observed during space travel

For space travel to be effective, it's necessary to understand and find methods to address fundamental reasons for the health issues that...

USA records a new high of over 200K COVID-19 cases in 24 hrs

The USA on Tuesday far surpassed its past daily record of new COVID-19 cases, adding 201,961 cases in 24 hrs, according to...
salivary gland

Cancer scientists find the new salivary gland

Scientists at the Netherlands Cancer Institute have discovered salivary glands in a previously unknown location. This is potentially great news for patients...

Top doctors warn, COVID-19 could overwhelm France

France will confront a months-long COVID-19 epidemic that will overwhelm it is wellbeing health system if something doesn't change, one of the...