Tag: Quantum mechanics

quantum electrodynamics

Extraordinary accuracy in quantum electrodynamics: big leap toward solving proton charge radius puzzle

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics have tested quantum mechanics to a totally new degree of accuracy utilizing hydrogen...
quantum modem

Scientists have developed an efficient Quantum Modem for the future internet

The 1st quantum revolution brought about semiconductor electronics, the laser, and lastly the internet. The coming, 2nd quantum revolution guarantees spy-proof communication,...

A new spin on atoms gives researchers a closer look at quantum weirdness

When atoms get extremely close, they develop intriguing interactions that could be harnessed to create new generations of computing and other technologies....
Timekeeping theory

New time dilation phenomenon: Timekeeping theory combines Einstein’s relativity and quantum clocks

A phenomenon of quantum mechanics known as superposition can affect timekeeping in high-precision clocks, as per a theoretical study from Dartmouth College,...