Tag: Robotics

Moley Robotic kitchen assistant

Moley’s futuristic robotic kitchen assistant can cook up to 5,000 recipes from scratch

Numerous people dream of the day when they can have a robot that prepares food without the requirement for help. On the...

Volkswagen’s Shows Off Futuristic Electric Car Charging Robot Prototype

German carmaker Volkswagen has revealed a working prototype of a robot that can autonomously charge electric cars. A year ago, Volkswagen revealed its...
Tiny robots

Tiny robots made of plastic and metal may revolutionize the field of medicine

Scientists at ETH Zurich have built up a technique with which they can manufacture machines as small as micrometers in which several...

Robotiz3d develops AI Robots to detect and repair age-old potholes

The University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom has formed a new company called Robotiz3d Ltd. to take forward novel technology that...
fish-like robots

Fish-like robots help to answer the age-old question of why fish school

A fish school is a striking demonstration of synchronicity. Yet centuries of study have left a basic question unanswered: do fish save...
Digit robot

Agility Robotics: ‘Digit’ robot available for sale and ready to perform manual labor

Robot maker Agility Robotics, a side project made by specialists from Oregon State University, has announced that parties interested in buying one...