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Scientists harvest electricity from radio waves to power wearable devices

A team of scientists at the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics has developed a new method of harvesting energy...
IVAS Goggles

U.S. Army’s New IVAS Goggles Let Troops See-Through Solid Walls

Modern war is no longer only a war of people; it has now transformed into a war of technologies. And the United...
Wearable microgrid

‘Wearable Microgrid’ uses the human sweat to sustainably power small electronics

Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have built up a "wearable microgrid" that harvests & stores energy from...
Smart glasses

Tokyo-based company develops vision-improving smart glasses

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses and slowly but surely having your vision perfected forever. For people with nearsightedness or myopia, this...
Google Glass

Google Glass-like device could help treat people with memory problems

The Google Glass project met a sad demise a couple of years ago, however, its application is receiving benefits for the University...