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USA records a new high of over 200K COVID-19 cases in 24 hrs


The USA on Tuesday far surpassed its past daily record of new COVID-19 cases, adding 201,961 cases in 24 hrs, according to the tally compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

The high number, somewhat because of data delayed over the weekend, took total cases in the USA to 10,238,243, with a total of 239,588 deaths, as of 8:30 pm (0130 GMT).

In the 24-hr period, 1,535 deaths from COVID-19 were registered, a record in recent months as the USA struggles to contain the spread of the pandemic.

For a week now, the number of novel infections has trended at over 100K each day.

Coronavirus hospitalizations have also hit an all-time high, with more than 60K people hospitalized across the country, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

President Donald Trump, who has refused to concede defeat in the November 3 election, has repeatedly mocked people for wearing masks and claimed the virus would go away by itself.

But his victorious opponent Joe Biden has vowed to take a more proactive approach, telling the nation this week that face coverings are the single best way to get the virus under control.

US pharma giant Pfizer & its German partner BioNTech announced Monday that their vaccine candidate was 90% effective in preventing COVID-19, marking a major breakthrough in the search for a vaccine.

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